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People. Places. Perceptions.

  Amidst all the chaos- 

  Learning, Celebrating and Documenting Life.  


A few years back, I consciously decided to take a one-year break. A break from what exactly- the academics, the routine, or the people around- I don't know- all I knew was that this break was necessary.

With all my social media accounts deactivated, I was in an absolutely silent space.  And that's when I started writing. Although I used to write in bits and pieces since my teenage days, I was so bored of that absolute joblessness phase that I felt everything, including me, was incomplete. And writing my thoughts down somehow helped me complete the incomplete. With every new write-up, my imagination ran wild and helped me fill up the empty spaces in my life.

As writing became a medium for expression, I started creating these tiny bubbles of worlds and brought them together. This whole process somehow made me understand the world from an entirely different perspective, eventually leading to the creation of my blog site, People.Places.Perceptions. For what is else human life- perhaps nothing but a collection of stories waiting to be told.

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 What my Blog Subscribers say- 

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 Nidhi Bhanot 

When I first came across your Blog Site...I literally got HOOKED on your blogs.

Such wonderful write-ups.

Looking forward to more such blogs!

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 Satgur Singh 

I found the FINANCIAL BLOGS series really helpful. They have really motivated me to be wise with every penny that I spend.

Keep sharing such tips!

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 Aditi Banerjee 

The writing style creates such a flow in the readers' minds... woven stories.. can't drop even a single blog post in between.

Will keep on reading!

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