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Some days I feel like running far away from this fast-paced city life, landing somewhere where life is slow, and savouring every moment to its entirety while maintaining a smile on my face. Some days, the hope- that such a happy place exists- continues to motivate me to go through life. It's as if every moment I'm living is nothing but a preparation towards that moment when I'll be able to identify my "happy place" and leave everything else for it. I'm not sure when, but someday I'll find my "happy place". And that day, my mind's beautiful images will become a reality. Finally ready to be lived up to its truest potential.

Someday it's not just going to be another Monday morning but a little bit more than that. That's the hope that I live for.


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Hi, thanks for stopping by!

I'm a dreamer, scribbler, research scholar, and travel junkie from the land of five rivers, Punjab (India). 

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