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Morning Melodies

I never expected that being a vicenarian, my life would be more of siestas than fiestas! But you know what- spending night and day at home, I have actually become accustomed to this lifestyle and have started embracing the charm of “slow” activities- especially the slow mornings.

Waking up in the wee hours of dawn to a melodic alarm song and not getting out of bed straight away, instead lying still and listening to the chorus. It begins with one plaintive call, a single note— followed by a moment of silence, then an answer- and a handful of tiny trills, like a vocal warm-up. And then, at the wave of an unseen choirmaster, the entire ensemble bursts into song, turning the neighbourhood into a kind of an amphitheatre with an impressive range of chirps and whistles, trills and gurgles, tweets and shrieks and songs.

Hundreds of avian voices make it impossible to sleep. But there’s no rush to leap out of bed- for slow mornings are an approval to stretch, twist, yawn, and only when you’re ready- you roll out the red carpet for a brand-new day with heartfelt gratitude-

To still have health,

A roof over head,

Food on the table

And togetherness! 😊

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Babita Kaushal
Babita Kaushal
Sep 01, 2021

Amazing write-up!!! 💖


Nishant Marwaha
Nishant Marwaha
Sep 01, 2021

To still have health

A roof over head

Food on the table

And togetherness!



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