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Priyanka Marwaha is a research scholar from the Land of five rivers- Punjab, India. Currently, she is working on her doctoral thesis on Contemporary Indian English writers. She had been a National Student Speaker and was also awarded 'Best Speaker' and 'Student of the Year' in her years of post-graduation.

She is a dreamer, scribbler, avid reader and travel junkie. Hitting the road gets her creative juices flowing. Her writings broadly concern financial tips, travel narratives and human experiences.


 How it all began... 

There's a popular saying- "You need to be bored, bored enough that you finally get up and try to fill up the empty spaces in your world with something new… something interesting... something that you love. That's how the journey of an Art or Art form begins."


It was 2018 when I consciously decided to take a one-year break. I don't know a break from what exactly- the academics, the routine, or the people around-all I knew was that this break was necessary. With all my social media accounts deactivated, I was in an absolute silent space. On most days, I spoke for less than 15-20 minutes, and my grandmother's used to be the only call on my phone. I was spending my time all by myself since my parents were working and my friends were busy with their careers.


It felt like I had no one to talk to and nothing to talk about. It was a phase of absolute joblessness-you know, that phase where you feel out and out incomplete from within. And the worst part was that I had nothing to distract myself from these realisations.


That's when I started writing. Although I used to write in bits and pieces since my teenage days, but I was so bored of that absolute joblessness phase that I felt everything, including me, was incomplete. And writing my thoughts down somehow helped me complete the incomplete. With every new write-up, my imagination ran wild and helped me fill up the empty spaces in my life.

My life experiences had now become a treasure trove of stories I wanted to tell, and with every new account, I was slowly finding ways to alter the realities that weren't enough for me. That's how it all began, and gradually, I started experiencing the feeling of wholeness. Instead of an external influence, my thoughts and writings were enough to entertain myself.

As writing became a medium for expression, I started creating these tiny bubbles of worlds and brought them together. I started experimenting with different forms like poetry, anecdotes and opinions; thus, every new write-up piece was perceived differently. The cracks were thus filled with my imagination, and it felt really good. The better it felt, the more I was drawn to writing my thoughts over and over again, and somewhere in between, I ended up saving myself.


This whole process somehow made me understand the world from an entirely different perspective, eventually leading to the creation of my blog site, People.Places.Perceptions. For what is else human life- perhaps nothing but a collection of stories waiting to be told.

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