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The 'GOOD' in Goodbye

Why is it that saying goodbye never gets easier?

While most things become facile the oft you experience them, I’ve learned that farewells only get more onerous over time. “We’ll stay in touch!”, “I’ll miss you”, or “I’ll never forget you..” every time I look back at how often I’ve uttered these words, I instantly get a sickening feeling in my stomach.

I have had a reasonable share of saying goodbyes to the dead and buried chapters of my life. People who once seemed to be irreplaceable characters in my story have left and been replaced by entirely different people. Over the years, my storyline has experienced many voltas, and I have come to terms with the fact that there will be many more in future.

Every goodbye, however good or bad, has always been a miserable experience for me. I have always left a piece of myself with that person or that place.

Parts of me are scattered all over, between the people and places.

I’ve spent some sleepless nights cudgelling my brains- ”Will I ever feel whole again?” But, each time I lose a part of me, I am reminded that it’s an imperative step to growth. So, here’s a toast to all those I’ve lost or found and to those who are still around. 🍻😊

Changes are inevitable. Accepting them gracefully and moving on with life and the mind-altering experiences is the only way out. As they say-

It’s impossible to step in the same river twice, for both you and the river are not the same. Though you may both exist in the same form, and carry the same name, but just as constant new water keeps flowing through the river, discoveries, experiences and goodbyes lead you to a ‘NEW YOU’.

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