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The Magic of Love!

The other day while I was sitting in a cafe, scrolling through my Instagram feed, I came across a quote by Emery Allen-

“Do you think universe fights for souls to be together? Some things are too strange and strong to be coincidences.” 

It clicked to me why not write something about my concept of love and romance. Well, the sole purpose that I joined blogger almost ten years ago was to document my life experiences, to write about the things that bewildered me, bewitched me and made me question the very reason of my existence. Pardon me for my inconsistency, but so far, the journey has been quite a fulfilling one. With a decent amount of viewership on a handful of articles successfully published and innumerable drafts still waiting to be published, here I am writing another one.

Love- a simple word and yet so complicated. How, or when, and from where it begins, you can’t tell, but you know it when you see two souls dancing to the same music. For me, it’s like that bittersweet feeling of holding hands, if even for a brief moment or a few hours, knowing that you won’t ever have to face the world alone. Something so intimate that there’s neither ’You’ nor ’I’, but ’We’. Something so magical that late at night, when your eyes close, the other falls asleep too.

Though I have always loved the idea of being in love, I have never been a person of rash and flippant decision when it comes to romance. I have always been calculated, distant, and unavailable, not out of any strategy but out of fear. ”What if I fall in love with  someone I might not even like tomorrow?”

Fear kept me from many things, but perhaps the most poignant was that it kept me from loving another person. It kept me from something fundamental: an intimate human connection.

But no matter how guarded you are with your heart and feelings, there are some ordinary days with miraculous timing that pulls you and your person out of the mundane schedules and makes you bump into each other in the most astonishing ways possible. And instead of brushing it off as a regular encounter, you believe that it is universe’s conspiracy for something phenomenal. You realise it is ’The Moment’- that you let go of the feeling of fear. Some are lucky enough to recognize it in the first instance, while others overlook it as an accident. 

So, as I sit here writing this piece, I hope you fall into the first category; even if not, know that you’re not alone, there’s a good chunk of people out there going through the same misery, but the question is what to do?

Perhaps Believe. For flowers don’t chase spring; they know it’s coming on the chosen day. And when the day comes, in the words of  Kamand Kojouri-

Offer yourself to love

Not as a martyr or some selfless fool,

But as a self-indulgent moth.

Who actively pursues the light

Without much fear for the flame.

The moth who revels in the heat

And declares-

“Burn me.”

Enjoyed this post? I'd love to read your views in the comment box! 🙂


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