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10 Sure Ways to Stay Sane during COVID-19 Lock-down

We are all in extremely trying times. The past couple of weeks have been very scary, and things seem to be changing every minute. It’s easy to get overwhelmed and constantly worrying about things that we don’t have much control over. Prime Minister Narendra Modi, has asked us to stay home and engage in social distancing. It’s easy to be riddled with anxiety during these times, and at times it can be hard to stay positive. While we should be cautious, and take the lock-down seriously, there are some ways to manage stress and stay sane during COVID-19 social distancing and isolation!

Let’s try to focus on making the most of this isolation time and turn inward.

Note- After reading the list, put your phone aside and start practising, as most of the things in the list do not involve the use of smart technology or gadgets.

With most of the things either closed or cancelled, it is obvious that schedules have gone out the window. Most of you must be enjoying the isolation, being a couch potato or scrolling miles through the social networking sites, and taking breaks only to sleep in and repeating it all over again.

This may sound fun for now. But, to maintain a positive attitude, it is essential not just to create a healthy schedule for yourself but stick to it as well.

Wake up each morning at a set reasonable time, exercise, get dressed and choose a corner as a designated workspace- work from there, just the way you would have done if you were in the office. Working from home can be a bit relaxing these days, so give yourself breaks in between and mix in some recreational activity such as a walk or a workout.

Just because you are locked in at your home, and you do not have gym equipment around, it can be easy to slip out of your daily workout routine. 

Don’t let your health and well being get out of focus.

Try out the basic exercises, meditation or yoga asanas. Also, make sure that you are getting 8 hours of adequate sleep daily. Take advantage of being home and allow your body to rest. 

And lastly, Drink a lot of water and try to maintain a healthy diet. This is a great chance to avoid fast food as much as you can. So, slow down for a bit and find new recipes that are healthy, and you will enjoy cooking.

Writing a journal can be therapeutic, especially during stressful times. There’s something healing about documenting your thoughts and getting them out onto paper. It’ll be interesting to look back on in years to come—think of it as reading a firsthand account of one of the major events in history.

This exercise of maintaining a gratitude journal might seem absurd, yet it’s a powerful tool to shift your daily attention from the horrors of the world to the wonders of the world. 

Some amazing and beautiful things are all around you, but it is up to you to notice.

Each day jot down three things you are grateful for at the end of each day. It could be as simple as waving to a stranger living in the opposite building or a new flower blossoming in your garden. But make sure you commit to this exercise, and it would generate positivity in your life.

We do have a corner somewhere in the house or in our closets that look like a heap of junk. And cleaning it is one of the activities that we all keep postponing indefinitely.

So, clean and reorganise all the mess, and make your home spic and span again!

This couldn’t be more true right now-

“Reading gives us someplace to go when we have to stay where we are.” 

It’s the best time to read the books you brought for “The day when things will slow down, and you’ll have time to read.”

What could be more entertaining than going down memory lane and flipping through the old family photo albums or playing board games, cards, and completing puzzles?

Look out for all your family photo albums, sit alone or with your family and flip through the pages and relive those moments once again. Or play a game of carrom or ludo just like the old times. These are the perfect ways to distract yourself from everything going on in the outside world while also keeping you laughing.

Due to our busy schedules, there were things that we said we wanted to try but couldn’t. Well, now, is the time! Pick up painting, make jewellery, photography, or start a blog or youtube channel! At least find one thing that you’d love to do and let yourself dive into it.

Now is the perfect time to get those creative juices flowing and try new things.

Though we may be practising social distancing, you can still take morning or evening walks, on the terrace or in your garden, and get some fresh air. 

Gardening is a great way to spend time.

As kids, we all must have spent time in our small gardens at home – watering plants, trimming them and taking care of them. So why not try it once again? Being close to nature provides joy seeing those plants grow and flowers bloom. Also, a little Vitamin D is good for the body. 

With isolation, you can still volunteer or support a worthy cause during this time. For instance, adopt a needy family and each day you can cook some extra meal for them, just be super sanitary about it, and keep your distance. Check your local NGOs and see if they need any help!

The people around you need all the help they can get right now. Create some flyers with your phone number and leave them at the doors of those possibly at-risk, especially the elderly and immunocompromised neighbours offering to lend a helping hand (hands-free, of course). If you are healthy, you can also offer to pick up their groceries or medication and drop them off on their porch.

They might not vocalise it, but there’s a good chance they could use a helping hand.

Don’t let the news dominate your day- it’s essential to stay informed. But don’t let it completely overwhelm you.

We all lead busy lives and rarely do we spend time with our loved ones or even ourselves. So now is the perfect time to make it up for every lost moment. Sing a lullaby to your child or become his partner in a car racing game or cuddle your pet, share a conversation over a hot cup of coffee or tea with your parents and give your partner the time and attention they crave.

What tips do you have to manage stress during social distancing and COVID-19 isolation?

Let me know in the comments below!


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