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Street Photography, India

”The marvels of daily life are exciting; no movie director can arrange the unexpected that you find in the streets.” -Robert Doisneau

Street photography is a canvas of limitless possibilities. Wandering on the Indian roads and streets, however offbeat it may sound, is one of the most liberating experiences. There’s never a dull moment with all kinds of exciting sights, sounds and smells. Walking through narrow alleys, observing the people going about their daily schedule is a different kind of meditation; you feel lost but with a purpose.

As Alex Webb writes-

”I only know how to approach a place by walking, for what does a street photographer do but walk and watch and wait and talk and then watch and wait some more, trying to remain confident that the unexpected, the unknown or the secret heat of the known awaits just around the corner.”

In a dusty workshop on the outskirts of a bustling city, an old brass utensil craftsman, sat amidst the gleam of polished metal and the echoes of a fading tradition. Wrinkles etched stories on his face, revealing a lifetime dedicated to the art of shaping brass into functional beauty.

As the world around him embraced modernity, his workshop stood frozen in time. With a mix of nostalgia and anticipation, he continued crafting utensils with the same precision that had defined his youth. His eyes, however, held a silent longing—a hope that the legacy of his craft would find a revival in the changing tides of time.

Every stroke of his hammer seemed to echo with a quiet optimism, as if each piece created was not just a vessel but a vessel of hope. In that modest workshop, he wasn't merely forging brass; he was patiently waiting for a better future, where the artistry of his hands would find a place in the hearts and homes of those who still cherished the beauty of tradition.

In a quaint village nestled in the heart of Punjab, the rhythmic clang of hammers against brass resonated through generations. Here, the legacy of brass utensil making was more than a craft; it was a family heirloom. As the elder, with weathered hands and a wealth of experience, meticulously shaped each piece, he patiently mentored his son.

Sitting in their age old workshop, the boy listened to tales of tradition and craftsmanship, absorbing the alchemy of metalwork. With each passing day, the flame of the forge passed from seasoned hands to eager ones, forging a connection not just between generations but between the past and the future.

As the boy etched his initials into a newly crafted vessel, the clang of hammers echoed the continuity of a craft that transcended time. The legacy of brass utensil making was not merely about creating functional objects; it was about passing down a narrative, a family's pride, and the artistry that shaped their identity.

Once, in the heart of an Indian village, I witnessed the art of jugaad—a uniquely Indian approach to problem-solving. Determined to upgrade his traditional cycle rickshaw, a skilled mechanic infused innovation into his livelihood. Salvaging an old motorbike engine, he meticulously engineered a transformation that turned his humble cycle rickshaw into a zippy motorized marvel.

As the sun dipped below the cityscape, the once-pedaled rickshaw now hummed with newfound life, navigating the labyrinthine streets with unexpected speed. Passengers grinned at the newfound efficiency, and the clinking of coins echoed the success of this ingenious jugaad. In the twilight of the city, the transformed rickshaw became not just a mode of transport but a testament to the unwavering spirit of Indian innovation and adaptability

I once came across the pure innocence of a little girl named Rani, who found wonder in the simplest things, like chasing butterflies in the garden or marveling at the stars in the night sky.

One day, as raindrops painted a melody on her window, she asked, "Are the clouds crying, or are they happy tears?" Her curiosity reflected the untainted beauty of childhood, where the world was a canvas of questions waiting to be explored.

In Rani's innocent gaze, I rediscovered the enchantment hidden in life's ordinary moments, a reminder that sometimes the most profound wisdom lies in the untarnished eyes of a child.

In the bustling streets of Pune, I once witnessed a heartwarming scene of resilience and entrepreneurship. A group of spirited women, with vibrant sarees and infectious smiles, had transformed the roadside into a colorful fruit market.

Amidst the honking horns and hurried footsteps, these women were not just selling fruits; they were weaving stories of strength, turning the ordinary into extraordinary. Their laughter echoed louder than the city noise, a testament to the power of determination in the face of challenges.

Pune's streets became a canvas for their tales of hard work and perseverance, where these women stood tall as everyday heroines, turning fruit-selling into a symbol of their unwavering spirit.

Navigating the lively streets of my city, the aroma of street food beckoned irresistibly. Curiosity led me to a vibrant vendor with a charismatic smile, expertly crafting culinary delights on a sizzling grill. Unable to resist, I decided to embark on a gastronomic adventure.

My choice? A local fruit specialty mixed with chutney and Indian spices. The first bite unleashed a symphony of flavors—spices danced on my palate, and the mingling textures of tender meat and crisp fruits created a harmonious chaos. The street-side feast became a sensory experience, heightened by the sounds of the bustling crowd and the sizzle of the grill.

As I relished each flavorful morsel, I realized that street food wasn't just about satiating hunger; it was a cultural exploration, an immersion into the soul of a city through its diverse and delectable offerings. The impromptu feast under the open sky turned a casual stroll into a culinary journey, leaving me with not just a satisfied appetite but a savory memory of the vibrant street food scene.


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Babita Kaushal
Babita Kaushal
Sep 01, 2021

Photography game on point 😉


Nishant Marwaha
Nishant Marwaha
Sep 01, 2021

Live, Love, Laugh & Capture


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