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My Childhood friend is getting married!

There's something about childhood friends that you can't replace. Perhaps they are the benchmarks of our lives- or maybe the alphabets we learn in kindergarten. As we grow up, we make new friends-new connections-new relationships- that may be like a poem or a melodious song. But you don't forget the alphabets; you need them to read those poems and songs.

One morning, a few months ago, I texted Chahat, one of my childhood friends- about the dream I had of us shopping for her wedding. And she replied, "You'll have to start, cuz 16th Feb 2023 it is😉"

And here we are. Just two more days to her WEDDING, but I still can't believe it! Honestly, there aren't enough words to express my happiness for this cute couple and how excited I am to be a part of the celebration of this incredible union- #CHAHLEY_DIL_SE!

I've known Chahat for almost 19 years now. And some days, I think there couldn't be a better story to the beginning of our friendship- It was my first day at school in this new city. I had no friends to talk to, and as I tried to converse with the girl sitting next to me, Chahat, who then was a class monitor, wrote my name on the blackboard.

Confused, I said a rather stupid thing, "You can't write my name on the blackboard. My mom's a teacher here." To which she replied, "I can! Even my mom's a teacher here." And we both kinda got the vibe; perhaps we won't gel in like ever.

But I don't know how this news reached Sharda Mam (Chahat's mom), and she called us both to the Chemistry lab during the lunch break and asked us to hug it out and be friends. On her suggestion, we both went to the school canteen, ordered some snacks, and somehow ended up sharing the snacks and even our set of stories. And by the end of the day, in this new city, I finally had my first friend- Chahat Kampani.

From doing homework together to spoiling the white uniforms by spilling watercolours at each other, from enjoying half days doing the fashion parades at her place to bunking school to visit Science City and Wonderland, from dancing together at the school functions to being each other's saviour and companion at the boring staff parties, and from celebrating her Birthdays in the staff colony to NOW ATTENDING HER WEDDING- Woah! We've definitely come a long way. Maybe that's what "friends forever" mean- we grow separately without growing apart, and even if we grow apart- somewhere, we know that our roots will always be tangled.

I've known Ashley through Chahat. I don't understand how something can be so surprising and so not surprising at the same time. He's everything and more than I could've hoped for her. It's so comforting to know that a smart, compassionate and loyal man will be by her side- All The Time!

And Ashley, if you're reading this- Trust me, You Are The LUCKIEST- that you've got Chahat by your side. She is a lady with a heart of gold- who puts thought, effort and dedication into everything she does, and I know she will approach her new role as your wife in the same way.

I love you two very, very much. And I am super excited to share the beginning of your wonderful journey with you guys as you build your new lives together. May your beautiful marriage be full of everlasting love and joy.

And now, let's just get you guys married!

Picture Credits- Pankaj Portraits

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Parveen Kaur
Parveen Kaur
Feb 14, 2023

This is such a heartfelt read. Changing schools every two years and making new friends along the way has been my routine but that one friend who has been with you through it all, does deserve a special mention like this. Congratulations di ❤️

Priyanka Marwaha
Priyanka Marwaha
Jun 17, 2023
Replying to

Thankyou @Parveen Kaur for all the appreciation.. ❤️😇


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